falling coconuts

pure and authentic

Suchu Dance

one day only

June 8

5:00 and 8:00

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Suchu Dance 

falling coconuts


free fall

rest in peace fido killed by a falling coconut

death by fruit

a tropical inspired reflection of life’s absurdities




realization of a lifelong commitment to an art practice. 

re-awakening of a need for movement.

falling coconuts is Suchu Dance at its finest and most distilled

6 months on the ocean 

6 months of endless love-well not quite, that just sounds like it would have been nice

6 months of jagged, shredded, lovely shards of love


What could go wrong?


In 2018, Suchu Dance Artistic Director Jennifer Wood disembarked to India and put her life on hold for a while. Six months later, she is back home for a brief stay. Before she left, the company had a final appearance, possibly the last opportunity to see a Suchu Dance in Houston for some time to come. That last show, Mkay (Everything’s going to be all right, or whatever) posed the challenge: Lets see if you can survive without everything that you once held dear and necessary for your existence. Throw out the rulebook for your whole life. What could go wrong? 

falling coconuts is the answer to that challenge.


From Choreographer Jennifer Wood:

Number of times in India that I 

was attacked by peacock 1

fell on my face 1

fell on my ass 3

became ill 10

almost died from choking 3

ate dal and rice 10,478

had loose motion 12

saw the monsoon rains start in Mumbai 1

saw monkeys 2

saw a camel 3

had deep discussions about human perception 3

got drunk *&%$))&(&%# (don’t remember)

almost missed a flight 2

missed a flight 1

turned down weed 262

pretended to be ok 180

got hijacked on the open road 1

saw cows (not as many times as you would think)

was amorously groped by a frog 1

had ants in my pants 57

had to get an injection 3

slept overnight at a mushroom farm 10

did a dance-off with a teenage girl 1

ate at McDonalds 1

ate steak 7

had complete strangers go out of their way to help me 33

had poetry read to me 1

had music played to me 2

got the side eye 72


Sand Crafting

We are also pleased to have Sand Crafting on the program, a dance film by Carlos Perez and Hillary White.

Sand Crafting explores serenity and cleansing through the use of water and sand.


falling coconuts

pure and authentic

falling coconuts

pure and authentic suchu dance

June 8 at 5:00 PM

June 8 at 8:00 PM



Box 1

3400 Main Street 

Houston, TX 77002

Tickets: available through MATCH



$15 pre-sale

$20 at the door

purchase tickets here


Jennifer Wood


ashley boykin

Adam Castaneda

Carlos Perez

Lysette Portano

Allen Lapoint

Holly Moran

Ashley Horn nott

Tory Pierce

Julia Rubio

Company Manager:

Adam Castaneda

More about the cast

and choreographer here.


We look forward to seeing you!


fearless punch

The troupe attacks Wood's high-flinging style with fearless punch. In some of the tightest unison ever seen on the Suchu stage, these performers not only nail the sculptural aspects of Wood's intricate steps, but also the velocity. Wood is at her best when she's playing with momentum. The pretense of step-making falls away and the brilliance of the choreography shines through. The performers are not so much dancing, as being cast about by one strong creative wind.

It's at this high speed that Wood gets her game on, and she finally has a set of dancers that can keep up with her. It's riveting, hold-your-breath stuff, performed by tough-as-nails dancers.

-Houston Chronicle