Suchu Dance


Comedy Dance Festival


june 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24

8:00 pm

At the

meca theater

1900 Kane Street 

All performances Pay What You Want

$20 Suggested Donation



Suchu Dance brings back its wildly popular festival. From Awkward Partnering to Busby Berkley puppets, this festival features a group of dancers and choreographers who believe in the power of movement-based comedy. 

The Comedy Dance Festival runs for three weekends. Don’t miss this once a year event! Each weekend’s program is different and will consist of several works by a variety of innovative performing artists and dance makers. Some of the past year’s talented and hilarious choreographers and companies are:  Ashley Horn, jhon r. stronks, Shanon Adams, Alisa Mittin, Daniel Adame, Fly Dance Company - Kathy Wood, Jennifer Mabus, Psophonia - Sophia Torres, Jorge Casco, Jacquelyne Boe and Kendall Kramer, Lori Yuill, Corian Ellisor, Annie Arnoult, Moscow Circus Brigade, and Suchu Dance - Jennifer Wood. 

This one of a kind dance comedy festival has everything from ensemble dances, solos, props, talking and not talking and so much more. This innovative, visually humorous, funny show will leave you smiling and thinking, “I like dance shows!”

“I didn’t know what the show was going to be like. It was at a weird location and I never heard of dance comedy. Is that what people are doing now? I thought maybe they were going to dance funny but I didn’t know how that could work. Well I was blown away! We were all laughing and everyone left that night with a smile on their face.” - 2015 Comedy Dance Festival Patron

At Suchu Dance we believe in the funny. We believe in dance. We think the two aren’t mutually exclusive. That’s why we started Houston’s first and only Comedy Dance Festival. This year’s festival promises to be even bigger and funnier!

The Comedy Dance Festival was conceived of in November 2014 by Suchu Dance Founder Jennifer Wood as a way to promote and highlight the possibilities and importance of Comedy in Dance. 

Why a Comedy Dance Festival? What’s the hard part about funny dance?

“Humor has always been a huge part of my choreography, although generally the humorous parts were in contrast to the more dramatic and visual sections of an evening length work. I thought it would be challenging to make an entire show of funny dances so that’s what we decided to do. Also as dancers and choreographers learning our craft, comedy is rarely, if ever, touched upon. I always enjoyed humor, so I am thrilled to provide other dancers and choreographers an opportunity to explore The Funny Side.

With a dance audience, you have to create an environment that gives them permission and makes them comfortable about laughing and reacting to the comedy. Some audiences laugh on the inside, but for this festival we want them to laugh out loud! 

Surprise is a huge part of humor and creating this unexpectedness, establishing a premise, then breaking expectations, is the challenge we face when choreographing. Comic dancing is really different from what most dancers are trained to do, and sometimes they are not familiar or comfortable with making themselves look silly or unattractive. If, as performers and choreographers, we can fully immerse ourselves in the humorous concept or the movement, then people will laugh - or so we hope.”- Jennifer Wood. 

The first annual Comedy Dance Festival premiered in June of 2015 with a variety of choreographers, 25 performers and standing-room-only crowds who got their funny bones tickled. There was even a trained stunt roach, synchronized sheep shearing, and a dueling strawberry and banana. Come see what surprises this year’s festival brings!


june 9 & 10 : Program Awesome

june 16 & 17 : Program Fantastic

june 23 & 24 : Program Brilliant